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Known issues

Doc export - .html appended to exported files

When selecting ‘Export Search’ from the Guide page, some computers may append ‘.html’ to the ‘.doc’ export filename, whereby the system will then not automatically open the file.

Workaround: Instead of choosing to open the file within a web browser, either select to open the file with a third party application (for example, MS Word), or save it to the computer and then open it.

Doc export on Mac – inconsistent formatting results

The Word export may have inconsistent formatting results on some Mac computers.

Workaround: Under investigation – formatting may be manually updated once opened in Word.

Share search – copy function does not work on mobile devices

On mobile devices, clicking the ‘Copy Link’ button in the Share Search window does not copy the URL to the device’s clipboard.

Workaround: Use the device’s proprietary copy and paste functions to copy the link.

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